Lennart Büchner

Lennart Büchner 

Composer and pianist


Memior, Lennart Büchner
Lennart Büchner

'Memior' is a project of Lennart where he re-explores works as a producer in the field of Indie and Dark-Pop music. After his first releases with 'Veronica Braco', 'caravan' and 'Valentin', he'll publish a Seaside cover (orig. by The Kooks) featuring 'Sandra Iris' on the 1st of March.

Lennart Büchner

Composer for theatre

How judgement feels.

The Match 

Written by Tash Futeran


Psycho drama

Astra und Seneca 

Written by S. Meisenzahl


Social satire,

3 episodes about drinking beer with a philosopher.


Written by Lot Vekemans, directed by Marvin Wittiber & Jolan C. Kluge


Social - religious longplay about the perception of guilt.

Additional paragraph regarding Cardinal Woelki and the cases of abuse in modern church.


Music is something you carry along through the whole of life. From childhood days, when you sing random little melodies, till when you get old and listen to the songs that you made memories to. It lies deep in human nature, it's nothing made up just by culture or convention.

As a community musician in the first place, I always aim at keeping this spirit alive. 

Click here for a detailed vita with all of my references and fields of work.

Lennart Büchner

Lennart Büchner


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